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Mon Jan 6, 2014, 10:44 AM by ArtCrusade:iconartcrusade:
Topic 1: The State of Things
Topic 2: Some Ideas
Topic 3: Your thoughts?

Hello everyone,

this is overdue for a long, long time already, but better late than never, right? I am ArtCrusade, the so-called new "Founder" of this group. I have taken over the lead for this group which fosters exemplary behaviour from the incredible Aeirmid who is too busy with her commitment as one of deviantARTs Community Volunteers.

As to my person, I am a hobby artist from Germany. I rarely find time for it nowadays, and mostly on my way to or from work, but I am a eager deviant. I simply love the concept of GimmeFeedback, and I hope that its magic will shine and light up your faces once again!

There are a few problems I identified though. The main problem this group faces is that a lot of people are not actually committed to giving feedback and solely join this group for their own causes (pageviews, comments, favourites). This is a big issue to me. This egomania makes it difficult for me to treat everyone the same way. I hope that this will change in the future, but I need some brainstorming to find ways to improve these people's behaviour.

Another problem is that people do not even know the rules of this group. I stopped telling people to give feedback before submitting something to the group. I will probably only accept new members as long as they give me a password which is hidden inside the rules text. If you have a better idea, please share it with me!

And last but not the least bit less important: quality of feedback. I marked a lot of people who expect to receive great feedback from others to improve their work, but give downright sloppy feedback themselves. Of course, English is not everyone's first language. It ain't mine either, no! But some people dare to give one liners as feedback.

We need to stop these people from ruining this group. But I can not do this alone! For us to grow active again, we need committed people. The current staff is really inactive and I am the only one going through new submissions. (If any of you guys are still active drop me a hello, else I will change you to normal members again!). I need volunteers who will help with handling submissions. Send me a note in case you are interested!

That's not the only way to help the group, though. If you tell your friends about this group and write a short entry introducing the group and explain what we are about. I will donate 10 points to every single one of you!

I believe that we can make this group big again and hope that many of you will join our cause! I am already eager to hear about your ideas for the group and hope for a lot of applications for staff members!

Best regards,

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I am really proud of my gallery  here is the link : knockoutcomicsbook.deviantart.… , please suggest improvements? I love to hear advice on how I can improve :D (Big Grin)
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I critiqued this
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all critiques are welcome:
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